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February 28, 2006

Blogging for beginners

My Slovenian friend Sarolta gave me a useful link to the textbook on blogging, from Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection. If you are a newbie and want to find your way in the blogosphere, do check it out.

February 25, 2006


I have found another interesting feature while reading sb's blog (and I'm really sorry I cannot find that blog anymore). These tiny flags bellow my posts mean that one-click translating is enabled. That simply means that by pressing one single button you get my blog in the language you choose. How cool is that, ha? :) If anyone is interested in adding it to his/her blog- this is the link.

I really like the sentence David Warlick used in his blog but couldn't remember who had said it:

"The worse thing a student can say about homework is that it’s too hard. The worse thing they can say about a video game is that it’s too easy."

OK, to test my new translator:)
I'm Anita and I come from Slovenia. I love sunny days and sunny people.

February 20, 2006

Joined efforts

Claudia has posted this in our YG, as a response to Susan's praise of her blog:
"Dear Susan,thanks for your comment. I'm very proud of my first blog but I should rigthly give due credit for my achievements to our inspiring, encouraging and skilled moderators and to this generous and supportive community of practice. I'm already getting sad this is coming to an end :-("
I thought of re-posting Claudia's thoughts in my blog because I feel completely and utterly the same. Grateful.

February 19, 2006

Big brother's counting you!

My blog is almost one month old and for his birthday I arranged a visitors counter for him :) . Bad luck that the counter missed all those numerous visits to my newborn page :( . Can you please visit it about 10 times per day to make statistics look better, haha ;) ;) ;)

Audio Slide Show

I simply had to try the tool BubbleShare that Graham Stanley recommended. It is another great web feature. So much new to learn! :)
Have a look at my slide show and don't be too critical. It's my first attempt:)

Inspiring movie

When reading about the Creative Commons License I spotted this short documentary on teachers and teaching. I believe it is worth seeing.

February 08, 2006

Someone to be proud of

It is a national holiday in Slovenia today, we are having a day off. It's one of my favourite feasts because it doesn't celebrate history or politics or religion... it celebrates the culture. We have it in honour of our greatest poet France Prešeren, who lived and wrote in the 19th century. I found a really nice recording of one of his poems, called Unmarried mother. It is translated by Janko Lavrin and read by Vanessa Redgrave. You are more than welcome to listen to it and at least spiritually join us in our celebration of a quality writing. :)