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February 08, 2006

Someone to be proud of

It is a national holiday in Slovenia today, we are having a day off. It's one of my favourite feasts because it doesn't celebrate history or politics or religion... it celebrates the culture. We have it in honour of our greatest poet France PreŇ°eren, who lived and wrote in the 19th century. I found a really nice recording of one of his poems, called Unmarried mother. It is translated by Janko Lavrin and read by Vanessa Redgrave. You are more than welcome to listen to it and at least spiritually join us in our celebration of a quality writing. :)


Blogger Sarolta said...

I heard Vanessa Redgrave read this particular poem at a UNESCO charity event years ago and enjoyed her interpretation immensely. Thank you for bringing it back to me.

16/2/06 11:01 pm

Blogger delvallesiosi said...

The poem sounded great. What a good country you live, where you celebrate culture instead of politics!!!
Thanks for your lovely blog


18/2/06 2:00 am

Blogger SusNyrop said...

This poem is deeply touching, and Vanessa Redgrave's deep voice reading this aloud made me feel like crying.

There was in our family's past a sad story about an unmarried girl working as a secretary for a rich, married man who apparently made her pregnagt twice - she had to give away her first son, born in 1915, and her second baby boy who was also born while she was still unmarried, she decided to keep this child although she was sent away from her parents who could not forgive her. The second child only lived for three years. Then she decided to find herself a husband from a journal contact advertisement, they married soon after, and she got her third - and now only - son. No wonder that this little kid was much loved, and his parents made a perfect frame for his life.

18/2/06 3:24 am


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