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January 27, 2006

Sounds from Slovenia

This EVO workshop on blogging is simply great! As you can see, I learnt how to create my own blog, how to add photos, how to add a picture and links to your profile... even add sounds!
And all this before the end of week 2. :)
I'm not sure if anyone would really care enough to read my experimenting posts, but I need them - it's called learning by doing:)


Blogger Janina said...

I enjoyed it! I won't give you the same treat however; my singing is really terrible!
Really nice blog. I haven't shared mine yet but will soon: in boring old English, I'm afraid!

27/1/06 1:52 pm

Blogger Anna said...

Hi, Anita,
I very much understand your words about your first blog and how much you are proud of it, so here is my comment: it's great! (to tell you the truth it gives me a lot of pleasure to check mine and to see if any new comments have been added:)
being at my mom's old comp I can't check your sound files but I am sure they are great as well. good luck with your experiments.
Anna (Volga), Russia.

27/1/06 10:15 pm

Blogger delvallesiosi said...

Hi Anita
Your blog is great!!! And your difficult-named-town is really beautiful in winter.I love snow, because it never snows in my village. (Del Valle-Argentina)
See you and congratulations

28/1/06 3:35 am

Blogger Sarolta said...

Anita, I'm proud of you as well. And I enjoy your blog a lot. You combine photos and sounds with text very well. I can see the emerging blogger in you. Good luck.

28/1/06 1:50 pm

Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

You sound marvellous on the web although I don't know a word of Slovenian! You have a very sweet voice. You're doing a great job. It's really amazing all we are learning, isn't it?

1/2/06 6:28 am

Blogger Peter said...

Dear Anita
Ljubljana looks very nice, the picture reminds me of Br├╝gge in Belgium. I couldn't open your sound file - invalid menu handle, whatever that means. It's a great blog.
Peter in Frankfurt

1/2/06 3:02 pm

Blogger Valeria said...

Hi Anita,
It's so nice to have someone from an other small + nearby country :) Your blog is great. The map is a good idea too.
Valeria from Hungary

5/2/06 9:14 pm

Blogger Naeko said...

Hi, Anita!

I loved your voice introduction! How nice! This might be my first experience to listen to Slovenian in my life.

Last summer, I was able to visit Poland for the confrence called EuroCALL and had a little trip to Hungary, but I could not get a chance to visit more countries in Middle Europe. I would love to visit Austria, Slovenia, and Italy for my next Europe trip!!


6/2/06 4:44 am

Blogger Berta said...

Hi, Anita. You are a very fast learner. Wonderful posts, especially your voice message. Keep up the great work. You should be truly proud of yourself. Warmly from the Caribbean, Berta (Caracas)

11/2/06 8:02 am


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