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August 27, 2006

And how do YOU feel today?

This post hasn't much to do with teaching.
With learning, maybe. Learning about the feelings that are caught in this huge blogosphere of ours.
Today I've found an incredible page. It impressed me, and touched me. I want to share it with you.
Are you feeling satisfied? Happy? Disappointed? Tired? Excited? Who else feels the same? How are they describing it? Immerse yourself in the world of emotions. And you'll feel the web.
PS: And you can even use it for teaching English adjectives describing emotions :) Hurray! :)


Blogger Michael M. said...

That was gorgeous -- thanks for the link! I was expecting some sort of screaming face to appear, followed by "Ha ha, gotcha!" which says a lot about what I think about the internet.

It certainly would be a nicer place with more sites like that one.

30/8/06 12:11 am

Anonymous Luka said...

Hm ... cool.

1/7/08 2:58 pm


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