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March 29, 2006

Please share your knowledge :)

I'm writing a paper on blogging as a language learning tool and would really appreciate your help. If you teach learners a foreign language and you use blogs for doing it, please, answer my ten-question-long survey. It won't take a lot of your time, but your answers will be highly valuable to me.
I have really restricted time to collect the answers, so I'm begging you to do it... now:) Why leave it for tomorrow if you can do it today? :))

I really hope that among this supportive community of practice there will be enough individuals to participate. Thank you all in advance.

Click here to take a short survey


Blogger delvallesiosi said...

Dear Anita:
what a good blog !!

Don't tell me you're just a beginner.
I'm the Argentinian teacher who answered your survey a few minutes ago.
It's a really great experience.

Good blogging

29/3/06 2:21 am

Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

Just done the survey - hope it helps. I've done some action research you might be interested in. Look at December 15th in this:

29/3/06 9:07 am

Blogger FIB said...


You have a so nice blog that it became an inspiration for me to continue working on mine.

I've already done your survey. Hope it helps.

Hugs from Mexico

2/4/06 7:58 pm

Blogger Bee said...

Wonderful blog Anita! I answered your survey a week ago.
Warm regards from Brazil,

7/4/06 3:11 am

Blogger red rose said...

I am a BA student at english teacher uses this method in our class and it has been so successful until now.she has used this method in essay writing class.
good luck anita :)

13/5/06 7:10 am

Blogger geoffry said...

Good blog! I hope you've had success with your survey. The next time you have to conduct a survey you might consider Survey Prof, it's designed for students and teachers.

Take care

1/6/11 9:26 am


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