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February 20, 2006

Joined efforts

Claudia has posted this in our YG, as a response to Susan's praise of her blog:
"Dear Susan,thanks for your comment. I'm very proud of my first blog but I should rigthly give due credit for my achievements to our inspiring, encouraging and skilled moderators and to this generous and supportive community of practice. I'm already getting sad this is coming to an end :-("
I thought of re-posting Claudia's thoughts in my blog because I feel completely and utterly the same. Grateful.


Blogger Jane said...

Anita--I love your Bubble Share slideshow and thank you very much for your enthusiasm! It's been a joy to have you in the workshop and don't be surprised if I ride my bike over to Slovenia to visit one day!

20/2/06 5:01 am

Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

I was reading your blog from top to bottom and hadn't noticed to had quoted me! What an honour! I'm not that good at putting feelings into words so I'm happy my message got through!
You are very special for me already.

20/2/06 7:03 pm


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