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February 19, 2006

Big brother's counting you!

My blog is almost one month old and for his birthday I arranged a visitors counter for him :) . Bad luck that the counter missed all those numerous visits to my newborn page :( . Can you please visit it about 10 times per day to make statistics look better, haha ;) ;) ;)


Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

You're one of my favourites, Anita. I'll be coming back often so that your counter's statistics look impressive!
Btw, don't forget to add yourself to my Guestmap (it's still uninhabited!)

20/2/06 6:58 pm

Blogger Sarolta said...

I'll come back too. Which counter do you use, Anita? I recently added Extreme tracking ( to "Spletni dnevnik" and I like what it offers a lot. Cheers.

3/3/06 8:53 pm

Blogger anitanita said...

Sarolta, this is the Bravenet counter. I took the one that came by first :)

3/3/06 11:50 pm


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