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February 19, 2006

Audio Slide Show

I simply had to try the tool BubbleShare that Graham Stanley recommended. It is another great web feature. So much new to learn! :)
Have a look at my slide show and don't be too critical. It's my first attempt:)


Blogger SusNyrop said...

Dear blogsister, what a bubbleshow. I want one too! You just wait :-)

20/2/06 2:26 am

Blogger Uwe Klemm said...

Dear Anita -

I truly envy your beautiful blog and the nice bubbleshare. Apart from that, you packed quite some features into your blog. You call yourself a newbie, but what an admirably steep learning progress!

ext thing I'll do is insert a bubblethingy into my own blog - you set the standards :-)

20/2/06 5:49 pm

Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

I'm impressed, Anita. Your slideshow tells a lot about yourself and the things and people you love. What a view from your bedroom window! That boyfriend of yours must be something special to persuade you leave your parents' home!
Congratulations and best wishes!
P/S: I'll let you know as soon as I've made my slideshow. I'll have to work hard to reach your standard!

20/2/06 6:55 pm

Blogger aaron said...

I enjoyed your slideshow very much. Thanks for sharing.

20/2/06 11:07 pm

Blogger Jane said...

I loved your slideshow! Your voice is so pleasant to listen to and pictures so interesting...I'll have to create my own now.

21/2/06 6:04 am

Blogger Uwe Klemm said...

Anita -

I couldn't resist. I just had to snatch this beautiful BubbleShare idea. The result can be seen in our collaborative blog. Credit goes to you!
Thanks again for the stimulus,

21/2/06 3:27 pm

Blogger Marco Polo said...

Wow! This is excellent! I wasn't going to try Bubbleshare as I already have so many things to do, but your slideshow made me want to give it a try straight away. The Europe map showing your country's location was very useful. I'd heard of Lubljana of course but did not know exactly where it was. I didn't recognize Oxford, tho I spent 3 years there as a student (I thought the photo was of Edinburgh). Very inspirational, Anita.

23/2/06 7:38 am

Blogger Berta said...

Anita, you are a real inspiration to all of us. Your blog keeps growing steadily with lots of valuable jewels. You have always managed to include a personal spin that makes it even more appealing. Congratulations, you have made the most of this wonderful six-week experience!
Warmly from Caracas, Berta

23/2/06 7:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


your voice is so nice and the pictures, too.

I'm impressed for your work

2/4/06 7:55 pm


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