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February 19, 2006

Inspiring movie

When reading about the Creative Commons License I spotted this short documentary on teachers and teaching. I believe it is worth seeing.


Blogger Uwe Klemm said...

Thanks a lot for recommending this movie! Great, heartwarming, puts things into perspective. I'm downloading it right now, and being cc licensed, it can be used in the classroom.

20/2/06 6:09 pm

Blogger Jane said...

For some reason it wouldn't play for me, and after reading Uwe's comment I really want to see it. How frustrating!

21/2/06 6:03 am

Blogger Tara said...

What a great film! I am enjoying reading your blog as I myself am a newbie to tech but am loving it. It seems I'm hooked now. Do you mind if I put the link to this movie on my blog as well and then I'll link my blog to yours? I have one that is geared towards people who are new to tech also. It's at

16/6/07 2:42 pm


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