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March 05, 2006

Some great blogging habits

Through Anne Davis, who is celebrating International Edublogging Women's Day 2006 by publishing articles about inspiring women edubloggers, I came to another interesting post.
Vicki A. Davis posted a nice article on 10 habits of bloggers that win.
Here comes the summary:
1. If you mention it, hyperlink it!

She clearly explains how to manually hyperlink:

2. Get a good title.
3. Write and then cut in half.
4. Write and then format.
5. Draw a picture.
6. Before you bag it, tag it.
7. After you post it, ping it.
8. Make sure you set your pages to archive.
9. Comment on articles you quote and hyperlink to your article.
10.Get the statistics back.

For some of you, self-evident stuff, for some of us, a nice reminder :)


Blogger Vicki A. Davis said...

Thank you for the quote. You are doing a very nice job on your blog!
I'm a newbie too and appreciate people who make things simple and helpful. I think you are doing that for readers too!

6/3/06 3:55 pm


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