An EFL teacher discovering the whole new universe :)

January 27, 2006

Sounds from Slovenia

This EVO workshop on blogging is simply great! As you can see, I learnt how to create my own blog, how to add photos, how to add a picture and links to your profile... even add sounds!
And all this before the end of week 2. :)
I'm not sure if anyone would really care enough to read my experimenting posts, but I need them - it's called learning by doing:)

January 24, 2006

Stone Age Blogging

So, here is how it started... :)

January 22, 2006

Slovenia greets you all!

Hello my friends-to-be!

So, here we are. In Slovenia, a tiny but beautiful country.
There are only 2 mil people living in this small area, but you would be surprised to see what we have to offer. We are a modern and developed country, with plenty of tourist attractions to show off with :)
Our language is Slovenian and its specific is a dual form. It is one of the rare languages where already the verb tells you that two people love each other. Romantic indeed :)

Our greatest poet is France PreŇ°eren (19th cent.), and for all poetry lovers, here comes some:
A Farewell to My Youth

O happier half of days decreed to me,
My early years, so soon you passed away:
Few were the flowers that blossomed on that tree,
And they, scarce budded, fell into decay.
Few were the rays of hope that I could see,
And storms would often rage in wild array;
Still, for my youth, dark though thy dawn may be,
My heart will ever cry, God be with thee!

I've been moving my home a bit around the country in the last years, so I feel frustrated having to choose my "hometown". Anyway, at the moment I am really fond of the capital - so, here it is, lovely in its winter clothing... Ljubljana!

Let that be all for today. I must admit I feel tired after my first blogging experience! :) But I enjoyed it very much. It's a good start, the start of something bigger. I know it is.

Hugs all around the world